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Subject: re: UML Modeling

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
>I will look at smartdraw as well.  I am just concerned about the
learning curves and all that.



Smartdraw is incredably easy to install and learn, that's why I suggested

I also think that while UML is good - it is in itself a MAJOR impediment to
broad adoption here.  In my lecturing around the country most people are
EXTREMELY negative toward ANY kind of CASE, case, or Case (!) technology,
bottom line - it has a really bad rap and people don;t want to go there
even if it is "free"!

My suggestion is that we use the UML experts as a resource to draw pretty
pictures to document the results and decisions of the group.  That way we
are not tying ourselves to the wall.  People can create written narative
of what they see as important, and can review JPG pictures of diagrams and
process flows.  This should all be intuitive for everyone, and allow
everyone to
input content.

It is important that we provide the ability to interact with Repository and
XML/edi content without any prerequisite for UML.


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