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Subject: use case questions


In the use cases, under Component View/Main, there is the note "Registration
Authority inserts data into repository; a transformation will occur from an
M2 metalevel to an M3 metalevel".

Could you explain?  what's transformed?  I expect the repository to
store what I put in it without transforming it; if TMWG wants an automatic
transformation, I would model that as an action performed by an
exterior service before insertion.  But maybe you're talking about 
the metadata for the registered and deposited object.

I have to say I don't understand in their entirety the entries for <<M3>> Repository 
and <<M1>> Registry as they're currently phrased.  I don't think of a Registry
as an instance of a modelling technique, nor do I think of a Repository as a
metametamodel.  Are these also references to services?

regards, Terry

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