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Subject: ebXML Requirements Document Review


I have made edits to the ebXML Requirements document that the Requirements
Project team put together and those edits are available at the URL above.
(the ebXML site is down so I have posted this to the UML model site). March
27 is the cutoff date for comments coming from a project team.  

There are major changes in all the sections regarding the Registry and
Repository including 1) the elimination of a task for us to choose a body
that will be hosting a registry and repository (which was intended to be a
network of registries and repositories), and 2) including the requirements
we gave the requirements team in Orlando (they never made it into this

Please take the time to review them, and provide any proposed changes to me.
I will consolidate these comments into a finalized version.  Please provide
your comments to me by March 22.



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