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Subject: ebXML Registry and Repository Teleconference Minutes: August 23, 2000

ebXML Registry and Repository Teleconference Minutes: August 23, 2000

Scott Nieman, Norstan Consulting
Yutaka Yoshida, Sun
Terry Allen, CommerceOne
Bob Cunningham, Military Traffic Management Command
Tony Weida, EDIFECS
Igor Balabine, NetFish
Scott Hinkelman, IBM 

We reviewed the agenda items in this order, with the following comments.

7) Brussels Deliverables
Scott Nieman proposed that the team break up into two groups focused on 1)
the workflow activity diagrams, and 2) the Classification schemes.  These
items were earmarked as deliverables from the Brussels meeting.  

It was determined that there were not enough participates on the call to
take that action today, but that a listserv request would be made to form
these teams.  The original requestor(s) for the classification schemes were
not on the call, and it was suggested that the requestor lead that item.

1) More teleconferences
It was determined that more teleconferences were warranted to review the
work items.  the teleconferences will be every two weeks, same time 11am
PDT, and the first and third Thursday of each month.

A face to face meeting option was planned and some were OK with it, and some
preferred to limit this to phone and email

2) ebXML Business Requirements
The additional "requirement" for selecting a host site for the ebXML
registry and repository was discussed, as it caught the team by surprise.
The team felt that was NOT a requirement or a deliverable we were going to
address.  Mike Rawlins of the Requirements project team was unaware that
that was a requirement and agreed in the Steering Committee meeting 3/22
with our position.

The edits have been collected, and no additional edits were suggested by the
group.  Scott will incorporate into our version of the document and forward
to Mike Rawlins.

3) Steering Committee highlights

Items requiring approval in Brussels was discussed, and it was concluded
that we NEED to complete our document with prose describing the workflows by
Brussels so that it can be presented to the plenary.  

Scott Nieman will forward to the group the information regarding timeframes,
including when this information would be presented for vote.

4) 11179 Metadata Registry Coalition Meeting/Teleconference
No one was present on the teleconference to clarify the items sent by David
RR Webber to the listserv.  A message will be sent to the listserv to
provide more concrete information to clarify items in the report.

5) N090 UML Methodology overview
It was determine that it would not be the best use of time to go over the
methodology in detail, so Scott Nieman gave a two minute overview (N090 in a
nutshell).  Scott promised to make available the Powerpoint presentation
regarding N090 that is being presented at the UN/CEFACT EWG meeting in Paris
this week.

6) Model Review
Scott Nieman went over the minor changes to the model based on the emails
sent last week.  A powerpoint is available that shows the UML diagrams
to-date.  Highlight of changes include an additional package for
Registration that deals with the human interface aspects of registration and
its use case diagram, as well as the addition of packages that represent the
ebXML Architecture common services (security, messaging).  Scott Hinkelman
requested that another common service would be "versioning"; this should be
incorporate into the model.

Scott Nieman will forward an email to the list to highlight a workplan and
schedule for the balance of the activity diagrams.  Help is needed to
develop the remaining diagrams AND the PROSE that describes these diagrams.
The prose MUST be very clear as the ebXML audience is NOT just the software
developer (audience of the UML model itself).  HTML mock up forms are going
to be needed in the future to address the business viewpoints.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott Nieman  

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