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Subject: SV: Architecture Comments


I hope you are the right person for this.

The question is if my WG should get involved in reg-rep

We are the SKiCal working group.  SKiCal is an extension of iCal rfc2445


We have extended the iCal domain in order to cover the publishing of
earthbound resources.
One could say - sort of a universal directory service.  A telephone
catalogue plus geos, access information, access times (tel., doors-open, QoS
times etc), payment methods, restrictions, requirements, qualifications,
etc, etc.

If you read the index in the draft you can get the idea with out reading the
whole draft:-)

We develop the SKiCal model in both MIME and XML.  Our intention is to keep
SKiCal minimalistic and through the use of namespaces utilize domain
specific schemas (where and when they exist).

We are not just a paper product.  Quite a bit of the event publishing in
Scandinavia is or is about to be done in the SKiCal format.  For example:


In this case the city of Stockholm is attempting to publish all their
resources in SKiCal and make this all public for A2A (as well as
human-readable) usage.

We have been promoting the use of ISIC rev 3 and CPC v1.0 as a common
reference standard as the first two schemas, in order to obtain instant
translation to all the European languages - well almost all the European
languages.  We have tried to do this in the RDF community since a lot of
work in mapping, alignment and localization is necessary in the long run.

Are we on the same track as this group?  Do we have anything in common?


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