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Subject: RE: Teleconference Postponed

Hi Terry, the overall responses are that most people are off Friday due to
religious holiday.  Perhaps we can discuss the issues via the listserv now
and we can have the teleconference Monday to recap the consensus.  Hope you
are OK with that...

The most pressing issues are:
1) We need to have a document that shows our status by April 28.  They
mentioned that we should have draft specication by Brussels, but that is
unrealistic.  I mentioned to the Steering committee that the only thing that
we have completed is the domain model.  They agreed to a status document.  I
should be able to handle that document by myself and post to the listserv
for comments.
2) Business Process PT is suggesting that we look seriously at their
business process metamodel as the registry schema.  Have you been following
their threads?  Their work is being to gel.  The topic of multiple
metalevels came up too (not by me either!).  I think that their work could
be a classification scheme for models that describe business process, an
extension of what we had been looking at (X3.285).  It is likely that other
types of registered items would not be classified as such, therefore the
business process attributes would be NULL.


-----Original Message-----
From: Terry Allen [mailto:tallen@sonic.net]
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 4:37 PM
To: Scott.Nieman@NorstanConsulting.com
Subject: Re: Teleconference Postponed

I can make Friday at 11 AM Pacific, but will be on vacation
from Monday till the Brussels meeting.

regards, Terry

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