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Subject: RE: Graphic take on reg/rep and global search scenario

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
I believe that indexing alone (which I hear some people are promoting) is
insufficient, as it does not provide the concept of inter-relationships
between data elements that a classification schema would (e.g., data model,
class diagram, DTD).  Perhaps with the newer concept-based engines (agent
technology), one could index items such as models and DTDs, and propose a
"straw-person" classification scheme if one did not exist. However, someone
such as the RA should work to harmonize  them such that browsing could be
accomplished and actually retrieve something.


We are not walking this walk alone!

 check out : http://www.doi.org/   for a registration scheme for HTML tags.

The US Gov put about $8M into this I believe - and there is much
work here that we can re-visit for insights.

Also - in regard to your notes above vis indexing, and concept-based
there appears to be two related pieces here.

Topic Maps have a role in establishing context, but, more important I see
again that Bizcodes provide an explicit mechanism.

Considering that a Bizcode identifies an item, the next question is

Clearly in EDI past this was folded into elements and this causes
and lack of clear definitions.  Using a Bizcode however, provides the means
to sub-classify a further Bizcode code as an extension of the base
in a particular use context.

Now since this is unique, there is no confusion, while you retain the 'see
capability of related use.

Also - machines are not real good at this - and probably won;t be for some 
years yet.   Pinning a system on explicit human based determinism is the
pragmatic and better approach for now.  Empowering the enduser to set
their own use.  The topic maps and similar (UML models) allow the enduser
to understand the context (that's a non-trivial documentation issue) and 
hence to select the correct item for their use.

Anyway - hope this helps!   I'm deeping in project deadlines at the moment,
but I hope to provide some more concrete examples within a week or so.

Thanks, DW.

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