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Subject: "bizcodes" indeed bogus

I see I am correct; I shall ignore "bizcodes" in the future as

 - Terry Allen

| Message text written by Terry Allen
| >
| I'm not interested in a white paper, I'm interested in a proper
| technical specification.  This is the second time I've asked,
| and I now am inclined to believe that there isn't one, in which
| case there's nothing to "bizcodes" and nothing to consider about
| them.
|  - Terry Allen
| <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
| Terry, you are absolutely correct!  
| I can't think why Wrox have published Professional XML with a
| chapter on the subject; why dozens of people laboured on the
| White Paper; and why people are continuing to focus on this
| and make recommendations?  Puzzling.
| I will instruct them all to cease immediately, and write to the
| book publishers to get them to pulp any affected books.
| Anything else you need?
| Thanks, DW.

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