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Subject: Re: Bizcodes - was (Re: SubmissionPackage DTD)

Ah, "Crusher Kammerer".  Can I have enough of 
people putting words into my mouth and then miss quoting 
themselves back as my fact?!

William - somewhere in your missive was the linkage
between the UCC/EAN model CONCEPTS and LESSONS
LEARNED and the applicability to ebXML.

This is indeed the topic of dicussion!  Not to be confused 
with the other verbiage that accompanied it - especially
not anything to do with barcodes - which are nothing more
than an illustrative context.

Fortunately Stuart and I are clear on the need here, as 
previously summarized and how it relates to the ebXML
Repository efforts.

As for companies leveraging codified lists for profit,
I believe it is your own company that currently 
markets exactly such a product; or could I be horribly
mistaken here?!   No, No - this is not an invitation for
an infomercial - I'm sure we're all quite capable of
referencing the appropriate site url.

I look forward to your critique of the first draft once
we have it available.

As they say on WWF - bring 'em on, Crusher is ready.

Thanks, DW.

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