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Subject: Re: Bizcodes - was (Re: SubmissionPackage DTD)

I've removed the copy to the OASIS regrep TC; I don't think that's
the right place for this discussion.

| Jon, you just spotted the Golden Goose!  Just like with UPC and EAN
| for barcodes, you need to have a central registration authority.
| That is why I was whittering on about the DOI.org work - they are 
| registration service for HTML labels; we need similar for XML.

But why can't we just register "persona" or something like that?
What is it about a nonsense string that makes it easier to


   price           ebxml:pretium         ebxml:109384
   date            ebxml:dies            ebxml:799421
   size            ebxml:mensura         ebxml:796593
   weight          ebxml:pondus          ebxml:996324
   address         ebxml:locus           ebxml:582010

What makes the codes in the third column easier to register than
the ones in the second column?

| Therefore a request to the central registry for a 'WAM#####' code
| would automatically resolve to the Wal-Mart registry server, etc.
| Where have you seen this before?  Yeah - DNS servers and mirrors.
| No surprises here.

You appear to be reinventing URNs.  But I'm seeing nothing here
that requires unique identifiers to be arbitrary.


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