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Subject: Re: UNSPSC - and code lists in general


Excellent summation of the details and approach; to which all I concur.

Definately the strategy is one of dispersed ownership that solves
the resource problem otherwise entailed in the directory maintenance.

The central locator reference (the DNS model is a good parallel)
simply has to know who is the responsible party and be able to 
direct the query to the correct address location.

Also the ISO11179 provides a good model for establishing consistent

I just came from the NIST 11179 facilitation meeting this afternoon and
there is much good government sponsored work on deploying 11179 
registries going on right now across several agencies.

The participants also clearly see that the next step is XML enabled
mechanisms to expose these human engineering tools via API's - 
so they are thus making the connection to the ebXML tech' spec's
in this context.

I hope to have more to report next month for the San Jose sessions,
and some actual XML samples to share by then - right now I'm
still in formation gathering mode right now - with a view to having 
good input available by then.   And then to be more active in liaisoning
in this area going forward for the reg-rep team here.

Thanks, DW.

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