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Subject: RE: UNSPSC - and code lists in general

Bring on those UPC codes!

I know it is not necessary, and I don't think it is appropriate to encode
all of the UPC codes (for example) in XML.  However, ...

The data element that encompasses a codelist may (and should if possible)
provide a means to retrieve metadata for any specific code on demand.  This
so that a recipient can 'look up' a code and retrieve its metadata (inclding
things like descriptions, pictures, video clips or whatever).  It seems to
make no sense to build a code list as large and dynamic as UPC codes into a

On the other hand, it might make sense to provide Schema 'imports' for some
code lists.  But as I have pointed out, the Schema isn't the place to
contain desciptions, pictures, et al that provide semantic meaning for the
specific code value.  So there also, a code/metadata lookup capability would
be useful.


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