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Subject: Serpents?

Is this anything to do with Bob Glushko's visit?

I think we should be told...


Fiord in Norway:

Sundberg said the team recorded mysterious whale-like
noises during a visit in 1999. "We'd be disappointed if we
don't get some kind of result this time...the only evidence 
scientists would accept is a dead or a live serpent," he said.

The beast was first spotted around 1750, and most accounts 
agree it looks like a serpent with the head of an elk or a horse. 
Seljord is a town of about 1,500 people at the head of the 
picturesque lake, about 15 km (nine miles) long.

In recent years, Seljord has tried to imitate Loch Ness in 
attracting tourists. In 1986, the local council changed 
Seljord's coat of arms to portray a sea serpent. 

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