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Subject: Registry Services Specification v0.4 (resend)

Dont know why but my last post did not appear....

Attached you will find the 0.4 version of the Registry Services
Specification. major changes include:

-Query/Retrieval support with place holder for keyword search support

-All ebXML TRP messages in the spec now have schema definitions in the
 These (as is the rest of the spec) are to be viewed as a starting point

for discussions.

With these changes, we have what I consider to be the essential aspects
of Registry Services
needed for Tokyo POC. This brings me to an important point:

There is a lot of downstream work that needs to happen in POC in time
for Tokyo to get
participants to implement Registry Services and clients. This cannot
begin until we as a team have
worked through all the issues that need resolution in order to have the
first working version
of the Registry Services spec (lets call it 1.0 version). So far I have
not heard from any of the team
members on v0.3. I am sure there are good reasons (vacations etc.) but
this is worrisome.

I would like to propose the following plan to make regrep a reality for
Tokyo POC:

Please don't consider the plan to be overly prescriptive.
It only reflects the realities we face.

1. We begin dialog on the 0.4 version of the spec right away by email
and con call.

2. We set a goal that we will have all issue on the table by September

3. We set a goal that we will resolve all issues and reach agreement on
 (working version of the spec) by September 21.

4. We set a goal that we will deliver v1.0 for use by POC with final
 by COB September 22.

I realize that this is aggressive. IMHO we need to stick to this
schedule if
participants are to have time to implement this functionality.

To begin progress on item 1. I propose that we hold a conference call
early next week
(1.5 hour slot) to have a focused review of v0.4 of the spec.

I will be glad to host the call (logistics when dates are firmed). Here
are my
preferred time slots in which the call could fit. Please let me know
your prefs:

-Mon 9/11 Any time between 12pm-4pm EDT

-Tue 9/12 Any time between 12pm-3:30pm EDT


Farrukh Najmi

RegistryServicesSpecification v0-4.pdf

org:Sun Microsystems;Java Software
adr:;;1 Network Drive, MS BUR02-302;Burlington;MA;01803-0902;USA
fn:Farrukh S. Najmi

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