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Subject: Re: Classification and discovery


Excellent and exactly!   I hope it is now clear to everyone that
the why I've been running myself ragged on this for the last two

Time is running against us here.

This is a priority - it is not just a nice to have.  RegRep has been
asked to produce spec's by Sept 21st to support the Tokyo PoC

Notice that to implement a RegRep we can create an outer wrapper
structure system that can provide a classification system and 
GUIDE is clearly targetted directly at that.  The deeper you dig into 
this though the more related issues and items you need to overcome,
forinstance, typing and query structuring to name two.  Therefore it is
absolutely paramount to drive ahead on this - and clearly RegRep
will define such structures to deliver on the ebXML Requirements it
has been tasked on delivering.

Against this backdrop, the sooner the other groups can have formal
classification structures that can be aligned into this model, the 

It's that simple.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
>I have to say that I agree with you that it would be extremely premature
and presumptuous to say anything about any ebXML standard way of dealing
with classification. It does not exists yet. I would also assume that
while we will beg and borrow good ideas from any number of source, what
the ebXML RegRep specifications should do is to integrate the works from
all the different working groups.

I am assuming that there will be a Registry Information Model that is
driven by the meta-models from BP, TP, CC, TRP groups, with possible
additional meta-model elements specific to the Registry (to fill in any
cracks if you will). If any of the meta-models from WGs are inadequate
then we should treat that as an alignment issue and work out the issue
with the appropriate teams. IMHO, the Registry will be the place where all
ebXML meta-models will be aligned and integrated into a cohesive whole.

I am very grateful for all the help you have been providing on getting us
a BP perspective on classification. Please continue to participate to the
best of your abilities to help us get this right.

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