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Subject: Re: Thoughts on Classification support in RS

Hello All,

Is there a conference call this morning?  Did I miss the call info?

During the last conference call I volunteered to provide attribute concepts and information related to the Registry Service Specification.

In thinking about this...the Reg/rep group has not yet started to define the attributes common to all registered items, nor has it begun coordinating with BP and CC to create additional attributes necessary for BPs and CCs.  This is not a trivial exercise that can be completed fully using the schedule for the Tokyo POC.  Nor does it need to be.  Except for the classification attributes, which need to be thought through some more as indicated by Farrukh below, the attributes defined in the current Registry Service Specification should suffice for the POC.  Perhaps additional attributes for registered items that are organizational profiles may fall out of the POC process. 

I'd like to propose that a note be placed in the current Registry Service Spec. pointing out that the current list of attributes is not a complete list of attributes, but will suffice for the Tokyo POC.

I hope we can discuss this more during the next conference call.


At 08:55 AM 9/14/00 -0400, you wrote:

I have spent the last few days think through the classification support
issue that was identified as a major hole in RS v0.4 by
the team. I have been educating myslef by talking to numerous people and
have gotten excellent feedback and ideas from Bob Haugen from BP, Chris
Ferris from TP, Yutaka Yoshida from RR and others. I have spent the
yesterday and most of last night studying
David's proposal for classification support. This note is a brain dump
of my current thinking based on what I have learned.

The good news is that the team has rallied to Scott's call for action in
the last meeting. I am very appreciative of the hard work David put in
on the issue.

The bad news is that IMHO, we are quite far from meeting the
requirements as I understand them based on the current proposal (CP).
So let me start with requirements and then identify where we have holes.
I will then follow up with some very specific recommendations on how to
meet the requirements.


General Requirements
o Need tight alignment with BP, CC, TP meta-model work
o Need all access to objects and to RS to be over ebXML TRP

Object MetaData Requirements
o Need to associate meta-data attributes with objects. Such attributes
may be specialized based on the type of object

Classification Requirements
o Need to classify objects on multiple dimensions
o Need to allow an extensible user defined classifications on an Object
o Need to define any number of associations between objects
o Classification scheme mechanism should be general enough that
classification can be provided by project team in the same manner as
user defined (or industry defined) classification schemes.
o Need to support standard coded schemes

Query Requirements
o Need to support conjugation (AND, OR, NOT) of simple predicates into
complex predicates. E.g. Find all Parties that sell computers AND are
located in the Boston area
o Need to support inheritance in classification schemes. E.g. Find all
parties that sell automobiles should find all parties that sell cars or
trucks if there is an inheritance relatioship between automobile, car
and truck
o Need to support range of values in a concept. E.g. Response time is
BETWEEN 0 AND 6 hours
o Need to support membership in a set. E.g. Find all parties that sell
o Need to support sorting. E.g. Find all parties that sell Digital
Cameras and list them sorted by their customer satisfaction rating
o Need to support comparison operators. E.g. Find all suppliers of
CoolPix990 where the price is < 830.
o Need to support aggregate expersion (MIN, MAX, Average, SUM) etc. for
cheapest price, longest warranty etc., better than average performance

Issues With Current Proposal

I first started listing which requirements where *not* being met by CP.
When it seemed like they were unfortunately a large
list I decide to invert things and list which requirements from above
*ARE* being met:

The following requirements do seem to be met in CP.

-Need to associate meta-data attributes with objects.
-Need to support standard coded schemes

The following general issues were observed:

-Specific technology is being recommended (e.g. WebDav/DASL). This is
not consistent with ebXML vision and purpose

Please forgive me if I have misinterpretted anything or missed any other
requirement that is being met. Reading through
a 26 page document can have its limitations. All in all I feel that this
proposal is too far off the mark. Please understand that I have been
very objective and fair. I do not just want to find nits in hard work
put in by my esteemed team-mates. I would like to humbly recommend some
alternatives we should consider that will make us meet the requirements.

Recommended Approach

Registry Information Model

The registry information model defines:

o How managed objects are organized in the Registry
o Is based on ebXML meta-models from various working groups
o Provides a basis for relational or object schemas for an RS

Managed Objects
o Define some built-in types of ManagedObjects based on WG meta-models
(e.g. TPA, TPAElement, Schema, SchemaElement, BusinessProcess  etc.)
o It should be possible to have any number user defined managed objects
that are of the generic ManagedObject type.
o A built-in object type may provide methods for supported associations
(e.g. A TPA may provide a method to get its Parties), that can be used
in queries.
o Each identified managed object typedefines its own unique meta-dat
attributes as well inherits such attributes from its super class in the
o RS supports queries on these attributes defined for managed objects.

Associations  Between Managed Object
A managed object may be associated with 0 or more managed objects.

An association has the following attributes:
o An association has name
o An association has a type
o An association may be directed or may be bi-directional.

Classification By Concepts
A concept is the basis for a classification scheme:

A Concept is:
o Are ManagedObjects
o Have an id (code)
o Have a name
o Support inheritance
o Support containment
o Support associations
o Support collections

Classification Scheme Support
o Objects are classified by their having an Association with a Concept
o An Object can be classified in multiple dimensions by having multiple
associations with multiple concepts

Query Support

Much more on this later. Running out of time but suffice to say it will
address all the query requirements.
Forgive the typing errors. My final recommendation is that I put the
above ideas down in more detail and clarity
for your review by next week.

Lets talk about this in the meeting.


Lisa Carnahan
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Information Technology Laboratory
100 Bureau Drive Stop 8970
Gaithersburg, Md. 20899
301-975-3362 voice
301-948-6213 fax

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