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Subject: Re: EDIRA and ebXML

The following dialogue relates and URL reference.

As we get deeper into our definition process we
should just take a note that this alignment is 
possible and that Dick raman is the contact point.

Thanks, DW.

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From:	Dick Raman, INTERNET:Dick.Raman@cab-edi.net
To:	Rémy Marchand, INTERNET:rm-edi@worldnet.fr
	Tim McGrath, INTERNET:tmcgrath@tedis.com.au
	Ray Walker, INTERNET:raywalker@ibm.net
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	ebxml transport, INTERNET:ebXML-Transport@lists.ebxml.org
	, Gnosis_
Date:	18-09-100  4:25 PM

RE:	Re: EDIRA and ebXML

I definitely see this as an initiative that add to our work in ebXML...I
think ECCMA has been involved in ebXML since the start...so has CEN and EEMA
(=me)...coordination does not seem to be the problem...how we fit this
initiative in is...

Dick Raman

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From: <Gnosis_@compuserve.com>
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<laura.walker@oasis-open.org>; Ray Walker <raywalker@ibm.net>; Tim McGrath
<tmcgrath@tedis.com.au>; Dick Raman <dick.raman@cab-edi.net>; Rémy Marchand
Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 3:52 PM
Subject: EDIRA and ebXML


Seems like this is an initiative that makes sense
for us.

In initial contact with one of their members they are
definately ebXML friendly.

Does everyone see this as a useful initiative here?

If so - next steps beckon in terms of having a formal
arrangement to do code management and exchange.

And the other question - how much umpf do they have
(funding?) and is this an area that OASIS is looking to
'outsource' (certainly in Europe) or one they want
to subsume?   Clearly EMA, ECCMA, CEN and others
are all in this space too....

Do we need executive coordination here (my sense
is YES) - and since the Executive now have Coopers
as a resource - is this an area they can manage,
set guidelines for, and develop a Web site area for
resource management of affliated organizations?


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