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ebxml-regrep message

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Subject: RE: Interface Primitives Draft V021.

Message text written by "Munter, Joel D"
>-Ideas should be put on the table in their proper working group and
as a proposal.
-They should not be (mis)represented in other working groups as works of
proper working group.
-They should not contain misleading statements that position ones company's
product or specs as ebXML's products and specs.
-They should not contain technologies/protocols used by ones company as
supported and accepted technologies/protocols
-They should not be done as parallel universes to officially sanctioned
in the proper working group


Once again this is a total mispresentation of the facts.

The information was VERY clearly annotated when posted to 
TRP - see below.

Further - there is a continued attempt to misrepresent this as
"company's product or spec's" and that is again simply not true.

This is a set of ideas based off brainstorming around the TRP
work, IETF DASL work, OASIS work and seeing how this
might all come together and XML/edi work on simple mechanisms
for business analysts and SME's.  This was also stated in the 
draft itself.

That is what TRP asked to discuss - the issues in using TRP to
implement RegRep interactions.  We need a start point on this
to at least get some ideas and issues discussed.

We can then accept or reject things in an open forum - and
put together matrix of validation parameters and 
business functional requirements that we can assess 
the various technology options with.

We still need to do that work.

It is unfortunate that that process has been sideswiped by
not reading what is being stated - but by unverified 
assumptions and prejudgement instead.

Following on from today's RegRep conference call - I 
now have a better understanding of the .05 spec 
transport mechanism interactions.  This was not at all clear
from the spec's.  As noted previously there is harmonization
needed here between the level of technical details - and
much better would have been a statement to that fact.

ie. hello TRP - I have some input here in terms of the
transport model that is a difference approach - that can
use some of the details here, and once I've worked
with David on that - then we will present something that
is a balance.  Standby please.

reference: previously posted note to TRP
Attached is the first draft of interface spec's for RegRep
using WebDav DASL -

WARNING - this has NOT been reviewed 
in detail by RegRep yet.

You will need to review the DASL spec's at

http://www.webdav.org  to understand the full fucntionality

here - as I have assumed this knowledge.

Also - I have NOT focused at all in harmonization with
TRP - that's why I have the draft!

First I just focused on solving the RegRep issues - and
that is a pile of work still - especially on the Add side;
Query is relatively clear.

So - I'm looking for positive input here to augment 
the RegRep functional with better and more rich 
transport details.

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