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Subject: RE: Interface Primitives (next steps).

Message text written by "Munter, Joel D"
>i recommend that we "END THIS THREAD" now and ask that all on the Reg/Rep
team dutifully review david's interfaces draft and consider its content for
inclusion into the registry specification documentation that is currently
under development and in review.


Done.  Sorry about the confusion on the email headers.

Agreed - in fact part of the problem has definately been my
hectic travel schedule this week to the West coast and barrage
of meetings - I knew I needed to call Farrukh earlier but was
on airplanes at the wrong moments.   I'm still a big believer in the 
power of the telephone over email.

Anyway - result from todays tele-conf' was I made the "connect"
with what Farrukh has been telling me for 5 days - and me not
being able to see from the DTD doc's - that the 'why' is his
disenchantment with the interface draft.

Now I can fix all this - and I actually like a lot the approach
Farrukh has - with the small caveat that as he noted - the 
devil is in the details.

I'm looking at this weekend to do a document fragment -
not a whole doc - that synergizes using his pieces with mine
so far.

Also - as Scott noted some of the DTD names are not clear,
so I'll suggest some things there - but most urgently needed
is a diagram showing the hierarchy and call sequence of them.

If Farrukh does not beat me to putting that together - I'll
draft that too this weekend.  Talk with everyone on Monday

Thanks, DW.

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