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Subject: 6 Oct Conference Call Minutes

ebXML Registry/Repository Working Group - 6 Oct Conference Call Minutes

Scott Nieman 	Norstan Consulting
Lisa Carnahan 	National Institute of Standard & Technology
Joel Munter	Intel
David Webber	XMLGlobal
Len Gallagher	National Institute of Standard & Technology

Joel offered to continue taking minutes and publishing.
Scott can update our private and public web pages as we need.  The Private
pages are very old  and are in need of updating.  Scott will share website
FTP-based access information if/when  it becomes necessary.  Scott will
continue to update web site as we ask him to.  All are  asked to provide
specifics to Scott as you see fit.

Scott asked if there are any identified POC implementation issues.  We
discussed the fact that on yesterday's POC Call there was a little
discussion about  what was expected to be in the Registry a priori vs.
actually demonstrating Registry submissions.  Farrukh was going to work with
Krishna off-line.  There is also some specific examples that have now been
obtained from AIAG and  GCI that are in review by the POC.

Lisa is concerned that we are driving the Registry/Repository efforts by POC
milestones instead of driving the specification process itself.  David and
Scott echoed this concern.   We brainstormed a near-term v2 focus list to
start attacking at Tokyo. Those not doing  implementation efforts during the
next four weeks can immediately focus on these key items.   These efforts
will then fuel the ongoing discussions in Tokyo.

These Key immediate focus items are: 
	UDDI; Identify Overlaps, Synergies, General Positioning and
Alignment, ID ebXML Personnel  Overlaps
	Information Model Issues wrt Classifications
	Refine and Improve Interface API Specifications (leaning more to
	Issues Log Mgmt and Issue Analysis Process
	Work Flow - Develop Activity Diagrams for each Identified Reg/Rep
Use Case
	Description of the Metadata of the default Core Components in XML in
the registry 

1) Scott will republish the Use Cases on his website.
2) Farrukh to export his model to an *.MDL file for Scott to publish on his
website for the Team.
3) Joe Dalman to deliver his original Part I document to Scott so that we
can reopen for  editing.
4) Scott to Schedule Next Mtg: Probably 12 or 13 Oct 11AM CDT.  Scott to
publish  details.

Joel Munter
Intel - eArchitecture Solutions Lab
(480) 552-3076

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