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Subject: RE: A proposal for an ebXML Publish Subscribe Service

Message text written by Krishna Sankar

        This looks like a basic subscription service over the registry with
a store
and forward and/or event notification. This is Ok but will raise security
issues. As I had mentioned earlier, we also need a security model around
registry. DOes the info model include security and other access primitives




No it does not!  And also this raises more issues.  As I said earlier
to Scott - this stuff SOUNDS simple till you start to dig down into
the ramifications.

Right now we have a plan and a TA doc'.  I'm much more for
getting the plan implemented, and coming back around to
these 'nice to haves' once we have got the basics implemented.

We have a ton to do before Vancouver and we have to make
tough choices in the interests of getting solid results.


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