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Subject: RE: A proposal for an ebXML Publish Subscribe Service

Message text written by Lisa Carnahan

Are you considering making this service mandatory?  I wasn't in all of the 
meetings all of the time, but I don't recall us discussing this as 
something that would be mandatory to support.




I'm troubled by this too.  There's many ways to skin this cat
of enabling distributed registries, passive, active, ICE model,
UDDI model.  My sense is we want to not trap ourselves
into a box here - and instead provide open facilitation.
I liked the early work Scott Hinkleman did for us on this,
and I would like to see us work that side of things here.

I also believe that the information model we have with 
the Classification system (and especially the latest 
version Len, Mike and I are working on) can really 
enable this.  I will have an initial document out on this
hopefully today (if I can just get done typing all this email!).

Thanks, DW.

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