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Subject: RE: Value Added Services?

Thanks for the reply.  As I was not in Tokyo, I am at somewhat of a
disadvantage.  I am not privy to the discussions and the decisions.  As
accounts of the Tokyo sessions appear to differ, could you please
objectively summarize what transpired and what decisions were made?

Thank you,

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From: Nieman, Scott [mailto:Scott.Nieman@NorstanConsulting.com]
Sent: Monday, November 13, 2000 8:39 PM
To: 'Munter, Joel D '; 'ebxml repository '
Subject: RE: Value Added Services?

I don't agree these are value added services, as was agreed in Tokyo.  In
order to accomplish the distribute registry requirement, we need something
like pub sub.  

Second, ad hoc is critical and can be accomplished in a short time.  We just
need a canonical query language and the recommended syntax out of Tokyo was
OQL.  We agreed to keep our eyes on quilt (David Webber provided a good
presentation in Tokyo) but at this time, there is no indication that db
vendors will support it.

We did put four services into this category (transformation, library
control, workflow, and quality assurance).  These are RA specified.


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From: Munter, Joel D
To: ebxml repository
Sent: 11/13/00 8:15 PM
Subject: Value Added Services?

During the last few weeks, Farrukh has submitted proposals that I
fall under the category of "Value Added Services."  Pub/Sub and Ad Hoc
are two examples of this.  Although these are both very interesting and
crucial to true business usages, I believe that any Standards efforts
respect to these should be managed outside of the core efforts of the
Registry and Repository Team.  These value-added services could/should
layered on top of the Registry.  Let's finish the core Registry
functionality first and then add on.  As an example, we still have the
challenge of Distributed Registries to specify.

Joel Munter
Intel - eArchitecture Solutions Lab
(480) 552-3076

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