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Subject: re: GUID: Registry Information Model v0.41

Message text written by Scott Hinkelman
Registry Item instances (note, I did not say Object) should
have identity -"DNA", "Fingerprint", etc.
This is the well-proven design of a DCE UUID (officially, that is what it
is called).
No regard for human readability. The Universe is the context by definition.

If we go this route I would strongly argue we need BOTH.  The internal GUID
that is DCE based, and then the external UID that is the faciliator for
and other human orientated access paths.

However - the question is - if we make a formal mechanism for the UID,
then the GUID is optional - except in a A2A context - but since most 
Registry interactions are predicated by a human interface this really
mean the UID is the preferred access path for most people.


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