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Subject: re Scott #2: Proposal to resolve info model issues

At 11:32 AM 12/5/00 , Scott wrote:

>2) I am happy with modeling the concepts of extrinsic and intrinsic, versus
>debating whether we are modeling the repository. I believe there is no
>benefit adding a class for the ACTUAL content in a repository, since the
>metadata ABOUT the content is more than sufficient and should give me a
>"handle" to the actual object when I need it (to download, to parse, etc).

If there's no notion of "managed object content" for a Package, how could
registry services ever be defined to add or remove members from the
package. Package would then become a "static" thing that can only be
replaced or withdrawn. 

>I believe a classification is an extention of the metadata, further
>describing the ManagedObject.

Right -- a classification is an extension of the metadata for a "managed
object content" that classifies that "managed object content" according to
a specific node of some classification scheme.

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