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Subject: UN/PW -> RE: Comments on ebXML RegRep Security-002.doc (jdm)

I vote we drop UN/PW altogether.  If an RA wants to implement it, then its
their risk.  

> Line 192:  The call-out box in the lower left hand corner implies that 
> Username/Password combination "may" be valid.  How can this be so 
> and still 
> be consistent with lines 147-149? 
If we all decide to do away with UN/PW, I will delete all the UN/PW 
references from the document 
Joel, I once again thank you for taking the time. It is of immense help. As 
this is the first time, lot of ideas are in there and so the document is low

on consistency. Once we decide which ideas will be present, then I will do 
the consistency check and normalize all references et al. 

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