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ebxml-regrep message

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Subject: RS v0.81 Issues/ To do log from telecon

this is from my notes - correct as needed


SO validation policy by RA: currently anyone can submit 'things' to the
registry as long as they have a certificate.  Some RAs may not allow this.

Implicit vs. Explicit CPA formation:  1) requires completion of the CPA
syntax from the TP projec team, 2) TRP was investigating processes to
dynamically discovery capabilities which suggests a registry based CPP for
the RegistryService, and another for the Registry Client.  This avoids
problems with versioning of Registries and extensions for RA specified
services.  Currently an implicit CPA is formed implying known interfaces,
and all methods are implemented (problematic when multiple ebXML RR versions
are available and some ebXML Registry instance do not implement the same
version).  Implicit CPA may rely heavily on extensive exception modeling vs.
discovering what known calls are possible.

State Machine: Undeprecate request may be needed, perhaps back to submitted

Specification of Error Messages:  existing issue.  

Removal of Object (7.6):  Without a publish suscribe service, registry
instance A may not know that another registry instance B has an ExternalLink
to an object in Registry A.  If the ContentOwner requests to remove the
object in Registry A, Registry B may not be aware of this removal and the
ExternalLink is broken.  Pub Sub would allow Registry B to subscribe to the
object in Registry A, and when the remove object request is made, the event
is published to all subscribers interested in the object.

OQL:  Need more examples (TO DO).  Request was made to look at XQL Algebra
which draws upon OQL and other query languages.

Content Retrieval :  Need more examples (TO DO).

AccessControlPolicy:  Currently only a default ACP is specified.  Need to
devise a means for custom ACP.

Appendix F:  Need terminology mapping completed (TO DO).

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