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Subject: Re: Formal Protest from XMLGlobal

Message text written by Bob Sutor
>Personal comment:

Query languages are religious issues with many people
and this should be understood when having discussions
about them. While the document discusses that other
languages will be monitored (and there are many), from
a marketing perspective we need to say that the work
of the W3C XML Query working group should be examined
for applicability when it is standardized and any future
revision of the RR work is undertaken.

Bob Sutor


This is definately the right call in my opinion too. And I 
would recommend the current Registry text be amended
to incorporate this.  Any portions of the specifications 
that seek to exclude all other possible solutions, and
especially those where there are active W3C WG's 
I would argue make a difficult position to sustain.

Flexibility and adaptability are also called for it seems
as part of the overall Requirements themselves.

Our thanks for your deliberations and feedback on 
this issue.


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