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Subject: re: UML diagram legend & glossary

Message text written by "joebaran@extol.com"
I understand that the use of UML in the specs is simply that of a 
documentation convention, and I think it serves the purpose well. As I said

in Tokyo, sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words. However, 
some participants have continued to be concerned about the use of UML in 
ebXML specs, even if only as a documentation method.


Excellent point.  And too often the picture is missing the thousand words
explain to those who are not deeply familiar with all that has transpired,
exactly what the picture or diagram is intended to convey.

It's good that we have the QR phase to catch where there is not 
sufficient detail to convey the precise meaning and intent.

Too often those little stickmen pictures remind me of teaching 
kindergarten and first grade computer classes and I have a 
hard time taking it from there.   Maybe we can just leave it at that!!!


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