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Subject: Fw: TP EDI Enabled ?

Message text written by "William J. Kammerer"
   Surely, a powerful, omnipotent and all-encompassing registry
   and repository ("Oz"), which can track down all the plumbers
   in Cleveland, Ohio (to take one of the examples in a RegRep
   e-mail) or tell me who will sell me car stereos and does
   Rosetta Net PIP3A4 (a use case in ebXML Registry Services
   Version 0.82), could do something as simple as giving me the
   public key, the HTTP URL or SMTP e-mail address for the MSH,
   and other miscellany of my partner -  assuming I can give it
   a list of IDs on which it can search.

The "EDI Yellow Pages" Taylor refers to is touched upon in my original
diatribe "Registry/Repository questions and comments," at



I would humbly submit that it would only do some.  However it would 
give you a public email address to whom you could address the query.

The information in this area seems to me to span business
confidential as well as business public.  The registry can only
deal with business public.


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