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Subject: RE: TP EDI Enabled ?

Message text written by "Krishna Sankar"

	Actually organizations will have some private spaces, in the registry, for
biz confidential information. And we can do a few methods to authenticate
and then use authorization schemes to expose this information to one's

just my 2 yens




That I believe would violate the current TA spec's - where all content in 
the registry is public domain - and where companies are expected to
keep trading partner and confidential agreement information anywhere
they like EXCEPT in the Registry!

There are obviously severe legal and liability issues if this is not the

While the security server mechanisms may be part of ebXML
implementation I'm seeing this as a separate component to
ensure clear legal separation.

The registry may interact with the security server, and vice versa,
and of course individual organizations will host their own security
server - and therein lies the implementation key - if it is on your
system its your responsiblity.

Thanks, DW.

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