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Subject: agenda for the conf. call tomorrow(1/26)


The following is the list of remaining works we decided in Tokyo to
defer till the second QR review. As you can see they are quite
a lot. So, during the conf. call, I'd like to focus on 
1) do we want to(have to) do these?
2) prioritize
3) who leads each item?

In regards to the matters on the submitted RIM and RS, I'd
rather wait the official comments from QR/EC. If anyone wants
to add anything, please feel free to post.

     -Distributed registries
     -Publish/subscribe service
     -Object versioning
     -External coding schemes
     -Security: Custom access control policies
     -Audit Trail support (was logging service. Identify holes and finish
     -Keyword search of metadata and content
     -Alternative contextual Naming/Description
     -Bulk life cycle management of all members of a Package
	(Bulk deprecate, delete)
     -CPA Negotiation service
     -General ability to host arbitrary services

yutaka yoshida
Sun Microsystems

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