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ebxml-regrep message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes 01/26/2001


Thank you for calling in the meeting.
Like I said, I apoligize there're some missing notes here, which
I counldn't have captured because of interruptions by some people ;-(
So, please fill up the minutes.

yutaka yoshida
Sun Microsystems
ebXML RegRep Meeting Minutes

10AM PST - 12:00

Lisa Carnahan
Sally Fuger
Scott Hinkelman
JP Morgenthal
Joel Munter
Farrukh Najmi
Nikola Stojanovic
Yutaka Yoshida

Works should be done by 2nd QR review
  Farrukh gave a high level explanation to each one.

  -Distributed registries
	Distributed database,
	Transactions in a group of registries as a federation.

  -Publish/subscribe service
	Ability for ebXML client to be able to conduct multi parts
	This is not only RegRep specific field.

	-> TRP should handle this?(Nikola)
	    *** need to be filled by Farrukh ***
	Can this be just and add-on to the existing model?(Sally)
	    *** discussion ***

  -Object versioning
	*** discussion ***

  -External coding schemes
	How to link classification schemes to exsitng coding scheme
	such as NAICS.

	UDDI solution in the way taxonomy can be linked to the
	external coding.

  -Security: Custom access control policies
	We now what this is. we have a fundamental structure,
	but not the custom policy.

  -Audit Trail support (was logging service. Identify holes and finish
	Originally, message logging service.
	We can't be really sure the current model works completely.

  -Keyword search of metadata and content
	google type, completely unstructured search mechanism.
	Is it possible this is used for machine to machine?

  -Alternative contextual Naming/Description
	From OASIS.
	Default name/description vs additional name/description

  -Bulk life cycle management of all members of a Package
   (Bulk deprecate, delete)
	This is already supported, and should be deleted from this list.

	We need to describe this in detail. Semantics in specs is not

  -CPA Negotiation service
	Getting two parties to negociate the business.

	Scott: this is really a business process and basically out of scope
	       Discussed in TPA and it won't be addressed.

	Lisa: We should make BP process clear before doing this.

  -General ability to host arbitrary services

New items added to the list

  - Alignment with UDDI(Scott H.)

Action Items
Yuta: Make clear the schedule between now and Vienna,
      Ask some people about if we can add some features after Geneva

Farrukh,Scott H.:
      (Security team) describe RegRep protocols in XML syntax defined by
      BP schema.

Lisa: Will take a look at TA doc and extract missing functionalities, or
      how they are addressed.
	-> Send comments to Scott.

Yuta: Ask martin brian to get the document CC.

Lisa: Draw a picture to describe various types of clients.
    This is based on a protocol(must use TRP) issue:
    The work "client" is confusing people as if regrep server cannot be
    implemented to serve HTML content.

Farrukh, JP: Post a new query proposal to the list.

Things to do from now
prioritize the list
    After Yuta post the minutes, group will decide the priority and
    possibly top three items should have leaders to handle them.

London meeting
    We'll have a face2face meeting in London.

    Set up another conf. call next week. Farrukh and JP will
    explain the new proposal, which is supposed to be posted shortly.

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