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Subject: AI update from 1/26 conf.call

update of my task...

 > Action Items
 > ============
 > Yuta: Make clear the schedule between now and Vienna,
 >       Ask some people about if we can add some features after Geneva
 I talked to a member of QR group, and found out that all infrastructure
 specs are final @ Genava meeting, (maybe I shouldn't call that "Geneva"
 anymore - I meant the one we're supposed to have in the first week of
 Apr. somewhere in east coast) and no additional features is allowed to
 be put into after that time.
 Also, "V2.0 Critical Path" in the table in
 is only for BP and CC, not for us(unless we delay or can't meet
 the dead line).
 > Yuta: Ask martin brian to get the document CC.

 I'm asking this, but in the mean time, please take a look at
 You can find most of the CC documents there.
 If you cannot find anything you want, please let me know.
 yutaka yoshida
 Sun Microsystems

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