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Subject: weekly conference call (2/2)

We have a weekly conference call tomorrow.

Date: 2/2/02 Fri.
Time: 10:00 AM PST
Toll Free: (888)476-3757
International: (517)267-1044
Access Code: 908022

update action items
prioritize remaining works:
  -Distributed registries
  -Publish/subscribe service
  -Object versioning
  -External coding schemes
  -Security: Custom access control policies
  -Audit Trail support (was logging service. Identify holes and finish
  -Keyword search of metadata and content
  -Alternative contextual Naming/Description
  -Bulk life cycle management of all members of a Package
   (Bulk deprecate, delete)
  -CPA Negotiation service
  -Alignment with UDDI

Please don't be confused - this conference is not for a query
discussion which I posted yesterday.

yutaka yoshida
Sun Microsystems

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