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Subject: Re: Proposal for ebXML Regrep Query


I'm not proposing the use of SQL at all for Registry Services syntax. I
think you're getting my proposal mixed up with the one whose example SQL
queries I was using for comparison purposes.

You can delete all the DISTINCT words if you like - the comparison is still

-- Len

At 03:00 PM 2/1/01 , Duane Nickull wrote:
>The work you have submitted has some good points and also some ones
>which I believe could cripple the performance of the Registry,
>shoudlthey be implemented.  The particular OQL construct I am concerned
>about is the use of an SQL "DISTINCT" in the query string.  In order for
>us all to understand this,  here is aquick tutorial on what Distinct
>does and why it is so dangerous to performance:

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