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Subject: RE: Meeting Notes 02/13/2001

Meeting Notes for 02/13/2001

Joe Dalman- TIE Commerce			Sally Fuger- AIAG
Farrukh Najmi- Sun				Kunio Mizoglichi- ECOM
Bruno Fifs- CSTB				Jong L. Kim- InnoDigital
Ed White- WorldCom				John Pietit- KPMG
Jim Martin- Data-Tronics			Kathryn Breininger- Boeing
Lisa Carnahan- NIST				Eugene Van Roessel- WTCM
Chris Nelson- Dimension EDI		Chaemee Kim- KTNET
Brian Young- Boeing				David Webber- XML Global
Yutaka Yoshida- Sun				Kyu-Chud Lee- Chungnam Natl
Nic-La Stojanovic- Excoda			Len Gallagher- NIST
Ed White- Worldcom				JP Morgenthal- XML Solutions
Turochas Fuad- Contivo			Aleli Alcala- Contivo
Michael Joya- XML Global			Tim Cochran- DISA
Jeff Turpin- Cyclone				Prasaad Yendluri- FISC
Paul Jan Chiang- ICBC			Arvola Chan- TIBCO

Meeting started at 9:00 am
Yutaka covered document dates required by the executive meeting along with
an agenda for the day
Joe Dalman covered the meeting notes from Monday February 12th.
A discussion was started by Nic-La Stojanovic to make sure that the Registry
Services Specifications will allow for additional query syntax as others are
JP Morgenthal suggested we have some use cases defined to understand the
query needs along with looking at the return set.
Yotaka agreed with the group and asked that Len and Scott look at including
statements about the other query languages. 

9:35 am
The group looked at Len's comments on the RIM document and the group
discussed his issues.  Comment one was that on the Registry Information
Model on line 260 has another box to show where the content would be stored.
Farrukh went on to describe how figure 2 of the specification can cover
this.  He also stated the content should not be modeled in here since this
is the Registry Information Model.  
The conversation went on to look at a new Model that Len proposed.
Comment one is that Len thinks we need the ManagedObjectContent for
Len continued to discuss the rest of his comments and why he feels the
changes are needed.

11:30 am
To help the group understand how the specification was implemented in it's
current version Mark Hale from POC described what the issues that they saw
in implementing the RIM.  Mark described that the implementation went smooth
had some mine communications issues.  

1:00 pm
The group went back and looked at Len's 8 comments.  After much discussion
it was decided that a smaller group would sit down and look at both the RIM
model Len was suggesting and the one in the current specification version
0.84.  Since the group was busy during the evening it was decided to look at
it 8:30 Wednesday morning.  A couple of the group members made comments that
there was some fear that if the model was changed could it cause issues with
the Registry Services document and would we have time to make those changes.

3:00 pm
CC joined the group to discuss the requirements they had for the RR.  First
Farrukh described the RIM model and how it was used.  Next Martin B. went
through the metadata model they had for the core components.   One of the
key subjects discussed was the ability to query the content and not just the
metadata.  The group did not get through all of the points the CC group had
and additional time was going to be needed to finish going through it.

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