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Subject: RE: IBM UDDI / ebXML / OASIS presentation given 2/14/01 in Vancou ver

The ebXML Registry is intended to be distributed, in fact, support a
peer-to-peer (P2P) model in the next iteration.  Replication is an
antiquated concept except for service providers who need fail safe
operations, and this represents a fundamental difference between the UDDI
and ebXML architecture.  ebXML Registry is focusing on a distributed model
which the "owner" of the content can ultimately maintain its own information
in its own registry and create associations (links) to external objects
residing in other registries.  

Therefore in concept it is feasible for a given business to maintain its own
profile (as part of its web site) that references its business processes,
data formats exchanged within those business processes, communication
protocols etc.  These process definitions may be associated to standard
business process patterns in another registry such as OASIS, X12, OMG, etc.

The ebXML Registry pub/sub architecture will enable distributed queries.


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From: Jonathan Dayao
To: 'xmledi-group@disa.org'; 'Dan Chang'; Scott Hinkelman
Cc: Nieman, Scott; Joel Farrell; Dan Wolfson; Josephine Cheng; Don Haderle
Sent: 2/15/01 8:15 PM
Subject: RE: IBM UDDI / ebXML / OASIS presentation given 2/14/01 in Vancou

I am new to these topics.  I fully support the suggestion and I hope one
approach will come out after the discussions.  It is difficult to hop
from one material to the other just to get a grasp of what they are all

Also, is the registry centralized in the sense that those who want to do
transactions over the net need to register somewhere?  Can't a company
just put up its company profile and business processes in its own web
site.  In this case, searching for trading partners may be assisted by
search engines.  I read in one of the materials that the registry is
logically centralized but physically distributed however I am wondering
about the reason why companies need to register somewhere...or do they?
I might be missing something.  Will someone please clarify or give
pointers to other reading materials.  Thank you very much in advance for
the help.


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From: Dan Chang [ mailto:dtchang@us.ibm.com <mailto:dtchang@us.ibm.com>
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2001 3:02 AM 
To: Scott Hinkelman 
Cc: Nieman, Scott; 'ebxml-regrep@lists.ebxml.org '; Joel Farrell; Dan 
Wolfson; Josephine Cheng; Don Haderle 
Subject: Re: IBM UDDI / ebXML / OASIS presentation given 2/14/01 in 


I am very glad to see that initial discussions have started, in the
Vancouver meeting, on UDDI, OASIS and ebXML registries. Your
to form a task force looking into aligning UDDI and ebXML registries is
very good one and should benefit the industry and customers. As an 
implementer of registry, I would like also to recommend that a task
be formed looking immediately into merging the ebXML Registry
Model/Services specification with the OASIS Registry/Repository
Specification. This will additionally benefit the industry and

Regards,  Dan 

e-business Data Technology and Standards 
IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory 
Notes:     Dan Chang/Santa Teresa/IBM@IBMUS 
Internet:  dtchang@us.ibm.com 
VM:          IBMUSM50(DTCHANG) 
Phone:    (408)-463-2319 

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