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Subject: Re: External ID draft


Lets stay civilized and keep inflamatory invectives out of the conversation. I
have worked very hard for this project and do not deserve this sort of

See my comments below:

David RR Webber wrote:

> Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
> >
> David,
> We had decided that we will not focus on the concept of the repository
> since
> all access is via the registry. However, we still are defining a Registry
> that must somehow support a repository. The repository will contain actual
> content.
> The registry will store certain things that either directly or indirectly
> catalog content in the repository. This fundemental assumption has not
> changed as long as I can recall.
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Farrukh,
> I'm sorry but this statement makes no logical sense whatsoever.
> There is a reopistory but it does not exist because you access everything
> thru the registry.  Therefore if you put CCmps in the Repository you
> query the Registry to find them.

Reposotory exists but is de-emphasied as an implementation detail. Yes
according to my vision the CC is content that is put in the repository (via
the registry interfaces defined by RS spec). Like any other content it has
meta-data in form of RegistryEntry that may be queried to facilitate discovery
of the CC.

> Lets get real here please.
> CCmp are metadata they get stored in the Registry and you can use
> Filtered Queries to return them.  Included in the FilteredQuery is the
> ability to search on ExternalID - aka UID.

Quite realistically CC are repository items and not registry entries. They do
have registry entries associated with them as do any other repository items.
You need to get your own understanding recaliberated.

> My version works just fine this way.  Sounds like yours will have
> square wheels and oval tracks?!?

Again, please refer to my starting comment about inflamatory language and
personal attacks. These will not be very helpful if you or yours need my help
for any reason.

> DW.


fn:Farrukh Najmi

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