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Subject: RE: External ID draft

Message text written by Bob Haugen
And of course a badly-done ontology can make
things worse.

I think we can do it well, but it won't be done for
ebXML V 1.0.

Bob Haugen


Thanks - good thoughts.  I agree on the approach.

Here's what I find in practice.  People want a two day course.

There is only so much you can cover in that time and have
them absorb it and become effective practioners.   When you
start talking about a week long class - then people are 
seriously questioning just how 'simple' this is really!

Of coruse over time the body of knowledge people have
reduces the need for extended teaching and makes it
more accessible.

This is the reality we are facing.  For most people this is 
a completely new and novel domain and they are 
bombarded with more acronyms than flakes in a 16oz. packet
of cereal.


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