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Subject: RE: External ID draft

Message text written by "Miller, Robert (GXS)"

In my many years as a developer, when given the liberty to do so, I've
what I think the user needs (generally more than I was asked to build),
as simple an interface as I could design.  When I had to compromise, I
sacrificed needs while preparing internally to accomodate these needs in a
later release.  I avoided sacrificing interface simplicity.

When I did not have to sacrifice needs, we quickly gained market
superiority.  When we did have to sacrifice, we usually stayed in the game,
but as market chasers instead of market leaders.

Sounds like you have to do some sacrificing.  Glad to hear you are
sacrificing needs rather than interface simplicity. Hope that at least
you in the chase.




Early in your career you tend to want to dazzle people with technology

The problem is - this works!  They are so dazzled they usually cannot
fully comprehend the how and the why!!

Lessons learned - walk then run.


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