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Subject: RS 0.86 distribution

Attached is the RS 0.86 specification. It has a large bolus of change
and will need careful review. Thanks to all for the excellent

The changes since 0.85 include the following:

-Yuta's I18N work (appendix D)
-Yuta's ExternalIDentifier work (A2)
-Len's and Scott H.'s latest work on the FilterQuery section (8.2, A2)
-Lisa and Nikola's work on Slots (6.3.3, 6.4.3, 7.4, 7.5, A2)
-Farrukh's RegistryProfile work (8.3.1, A2)
-Removed section 8.3. It is being reworked with Len and I at the moment.

Also included is the latest Registry.dtd (and ebXMLError) which has
combined all of the new DTD from Len on FilterQuery as well as all other
known DTD changes.

There are many loose ends and we need to start rigorously identifying
and resolving them. Below are my notes and comments on open issues along
with an initial priority (PR) level assessment between 1 (hi) and 3
(low). Note the list covers all our work for phase 1. Please bring any
other issues to the teams attention:


All of below are PR1:

-Do we need a Contact attribute in AuditableIdentity?
-We should make Classification a sibling of Association and remove the
hard wired attributed like associationType, role, etc.
-Define contraints in RIM interfaces like NOT NULL
-Define max lengths on String attributes in RIM somehow
-Need to add slotType attribute to slot so we can define speced slot
types for light weight classification etc.
-Change enumeration design so it is a registered and required
-Need to address resolvability of Content URI

RS General
-PR1: Need careful review of the DTD and improved comments within it.
-PR1: Address the issue of version in every request response message.
Get rid of it.
-PR1: Need registry version in RegistryProfile
-PR2: Need examples of select DTD elements (e.g. SubmitObjectsRequest)
-PR3: Need an NLS example?

RS Filter Query
-PR1: DTD element and attribute names sometime do not match RIM. Some
examples are RegistryPakage

-PR1: We need to align the error handling between main DTD (ebXMLError)
and FilterQuery dtd

-PR1: There is confusion over whether we decided ResponsibleOrg was in
or out for phase 1. RIM does nothave it but 8.2 does

-PR1: Need at least 1 example of FilterQuery that shows Clause syntax in
the example rather than the shorthand. Need to clarify that the rest of
the examples will use short hand syntax for brevity

-PR2: xxReference elements seem to provide a alternate reference
mechanism from ObjectRef element in main DTD. One solution may be to
rename xxReference to xxView and think of them as light weight views of
the actual RIM type.

-PR2: Should we move GetRegistryEntry and GetRepositoryItem under
FilterQuery in DTD?

-PR2: DTD in appendix Vs. DTD in main body inconsistency

-PR3: We are missing ability to filter Organization by PostalAddress.
For example cant find all Organization in Boston. Is this phase 2?




fn:Farrukh Najmi

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