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Subject: Re: "Object" in RIM

Go DO IT !
I harped about that until I got tired........!

Scott Hinkelman, Senior Software Engineer
XML Industry Enablement
IBM e-business Standards Strategy
512-823-8097 (TL 793-8097) (Cell: 512-940-0519)
srh@us.ibm.com, Fax: 512-838-1074

Yutaka Yoshida <Yutaka.Yoshida@eng.sun.com> on 04/05/2001 02:21:00 PM

Please respond to Yutaka Yoshida <Yutaka.Yoshida@eng.sun.com>

To:   ebxml-regrep@lists.ebxml.org
Subject:  "Object" in RIM


As you know I've been working on RIM update, and found out
the word "Object" was pretty confusing. In most cases, it's clear
that it means the top "class Object", but sometimes it isn't - as if
it is used in the regular sense of "object". So, I'd like to
propose to change the word "Object" to "RegistryObject".
If I don't hear any strong objection, we'll go ahead with that.

yutaka yoshida
Sun Microsystems

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