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Subject: Minor Comments on RS0.88

Dear RegRep Members,
Here is minor comments on ebXML Registry Services Spec 0.88.
1. Lines 402-409: Because every ebXML message is required to specify its CPAId element,
we may need to define a special CPA with a default negotiation service 
(as the QRT review says) or to define an implicit CPA name that every ebxml registry can recongize.
2. Line 494: "Life cycle of a repository item" may be appropriate for the title of figure 3. 
3. Line 511: We need to add s between SubmitObject and Request.
4. Lines 511-521: We need to define "SubmittedObject elements" or change the explanation.
As the following definition describes, the explanation does not directly match with the schema.
The explanation implies that a SubmitObjectsRequest element is composed of one or more 
SubmittedObject elements, that is, <!ELEMENT SubmitObjectsRequest (SubmittedObject+)>.
Line 2949: <!ELEMENT SubmitObjectsRequest (RegistryEntryList)>
Line 2789: <!ELEMENT RegistryEntryList (Association|Classification|ClassificationNode|Package
Line 2790: | ExternalLink|ExternalIdentifier|Organization|ExtrinsicObject|ObjectRef)*>
Sincerely Yours,
HyoungDo Kim

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