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Subject: RE: Sun / IBM joint submission on using UDDI to locate ebXML Registries

The UDDI Operators council operates a global, centralized business registry.
The idea is that every business in the world will register its business and
its services in this one registry. This global registry is designed to do
exactly what we need as a registry of ebXML registries.

The UDDI registry is not a repository. It does not contain actual
specifications. Instead it points to other locations (e.g., an ebXML
repository) to find the actual specifications. The UDDI registry has a very
simple hierarchical data model (four entities) and it doesn't allow for
extensive relationships. It best purpose is to help you find the folks that
you might be interested in doing business with.

Once you find your potential partners, you want a lot more data and much
richer search capabilities to find the specific partners and specific
services that you will use. At that point, you're likely to want to use
something like ebXML reg/rep.

In a previous post, Vadim thought that very few folks would be willing to
use both UDDI and ebXML reg/rep, but I disagree. I would be surprised if a
business refused to do business with other partners just because they
refused to use ebXML. Some partners will use ebXML, some partners will use
BizTalk, some partners will use e-speak, some partners will use
MyOwnXMLMessaging scheme.

The advantage of XML messaging is that you can converse with other folks
even if they don't adopt your particular brand of XML infrastructure. UDDI
crosses all of these bridges. So I believe that (most) everyone will use
UDDI as a starting point. Meanwhile, ebXML offers so much more then UDDI,
that I expect that a reasonable portion of the world out there will realize
how powerful it is and start using it.

Anne Thomas Manes
Sun Microsystems

-----Original Message-----
From: Gersdorf, Jens [mailto:Jens.Gersdorf@compaq.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 2:00 AM
To: 'ebxml-regrep@lists.ebxml.org'
Subject: RE: Sun / IBM joint submission on using UDDI to locate ebXML


I'm rather new to the ebXML effort but tried to read all the specs you have
published. But your discussion about the realationship of UDDI and ebxml
Registries leaves more questions open to me than solving them. The main
question I have is the following:

Where is the benefit from locating an ebXML Registrie via UDDI? I mean, they
are both some kind of database or dictionary, why should I use one to find
another? At which level should this be stopped? I can imagine of using
another database to locate UDDI registries where I can find ebXML
Registries, and this can be continued as many levels as you want - or not?

Until know I thought of UDDI as a competitor to ebXML-Registries, in the way
that you can find directly via UDDI the interfaces to services of companies.
Isn't the trial to locate ebXML-registries via UDDI the desperate trial to
reconcile two competing technologies?

Kind regards

Jens Gersdorf

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