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Subject: things to do


As you know, specs were submitted for the final review,
but we still have quite a few things to do by the end
of Vienna meeting. They are:

  Scan all "RegistryEntry" - some may have to be "RegistryObject".
  1 Asynchronous services - in or out
  2 Registry CPP template - separate doc or integrated in RS?
  3 Example - Registry of Registry concept in the discussion on
    distributed registries. -> include wording from draft doc
    written by John and Farrukh.
  4 Reference to IBM/Sun document about ebXML/UDDI
	Proposal from Lisa
	In section 6, page 13, after the line 388 "Future version
	... to support distributed registries", add the following
	Examples include an ebXML Registry of Registries model,
	ebXML Registries cooperating whereby each registry is
	registered with the other registries, and ebXML registries
	registering with other Registry systems that act as white
	pages or yellow pages.  [REFERENCE PAPER HERE] provides an
	example of ebXML Registries being discovered through a system
	of emerging white/yellow pages known as UDDI.  ebXML does not
	dictate the use of any one model.

  5 Address interoperability
    Proposal from Lisa
    Replace the item #1 in section 4.2 "Caveats and Assumptions" with
    1. Interoperability requirements dictate that the ebXML Message
      Services Specification is used between an ebXML Registry and an
      ebXML Registry Client.  The use of optional communication means
      is not precluded; however interoperability cannot be
      guaranteed.   Human interaction with an ebXML Registry via a
      web-browser does not necessarily require the use of ebXML Message
      Services; however interoperability cannot be guaranteed.
      Optional communication means are outside the scope of this

I'll work on the RIM part, and for RS 3,4 and 5, I would say
just put them. Lisa, could you do that if there's no objection?
As for RS 1 and 2, how does everyone feel?

yutaka yoshida
Sun Microsystems

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