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Subject: RE: things to do

I presume Lisa and Len are putting phase II 'issue list'
together. Lisa, Len, is it ready to go out?

As for the plan for phase II, unfortunately I have no information
about how/when/where ebXML WG goes, and I'm really expecting
that the matter will be discussed in Vienna and concluded.

yutaka yoshida
Sun Microsystems

 > From: "Munter, Joel D" <joel.d.munter@intel.com>
 > Subject: RE: things to do
 > Yoshida-san,
 > Thanks for providing a current snap-shot of the remaining Phase I list of
 > items and issues.  Where can I access a copy of the official up-to-date
 > ebXML Reg/Rep Phase II List?  Any word on where and how the Phase II work
 > will be done?  Will this be discussed/decided in Vienna?
 > Joel Munter
 > -----Original Message-----
 > From: Yutaka Yoshida [mailto:Yutaka.Yoshida@eng.sun.com]
 > Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 11:50 AM
 > To: ebxml-regrep@lists.ebxml.org
 > Subject: things to do
 > all,
 > As you know, specs were submitted for the final review,
 > (congratulation!)
 > but we still have quite a few things to do by the end
 > of Vienna meeting. They are:
 > RIM
 >   Scan all "RegistryEntry" - some may have to be "RegistryObject".
 > RS
 >   1 Asynchronous services - in or out
 >   2 Registry CPP template - separate doc or integrated in RS?
 >   3 Example - Registry of Registry concept in the discussion on
 >     distributed registries. -> include wording from draft doc
 >     written by John and Farrukh.
 >   4 Reference to IBM/Sun document about ebXML/UDDI
 > 	Proposal from Lisa
 > 	In section 6, page 13, after the line 388 "Future version
 > 	... to support distributed registries", add the following
 > 	---------------------------------------------------------
 > 	Examples include an ebXML Registry of Registries model,
 > 	ebXML Registries cooperating whereby each registry is
 > 	registered with the other registries, and ebXML registries
 > 	registering with other Registry systems that act as white
 > 	pages or yellow pages.  [REFERENCE PAPER HERE] provides an
 > 	example of ebXML Registries being discovered through a system
 > 	of emerging white/yellow pages known as UDDI.  ebXML does not
 > 	dictate the use of any one model.
 >   5 Address interoperability
 >     Proposal from Lisa
 >     Replace the item #1 in section 4.2 "Caveats and Assumptions" with
 >     ---------------------------------------------------------
 >     1. Interoperability requirements dictate that the ebXML Message
 >       Services Specification is used between an ebXML Registry and an
 >       ebXML Registry Client.  The use of optional communication means
 >       is not precluded; however interoperability cannot be
 >       guaranteed.   Human interaction with an ebXML Registry via a
 >       web-browser does not necessarily require the use of ebXML Message
 >       Services; however interoperability cannot be guaranteed.
 >       Optional communication means are outside the scope of this
 >       specification.
 >       ---------------------------------------------------------
 > I'll work on the RIM part, and for RS 3,4 and 5, I would say
 > just put them. Lisa, could you do that if there's no objection?
 > As for RS 1 and 2, how does everyone feel?
 > regards,
 > yutaka yoshida
 > Sun Microsystems
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