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Subject: Conference Call Problems

It seems that due to OASIS's problems with our listservs that the notice
announcing our project team conference call did not get out to everyone
(anyone?).   We will schedule another call for Thursday, Feb 24, 9:30 AM
PST (our usual time).  Mark Crawford intends to have another revision of
the spec ready for distribution by COB tomorrow, so we should have time
to review it before the call.  Please do review and comment, since we
only have a little over two weeks left before our March 6 target.
Unless anyone has any strong objections, I would like to take what we
have then and put it out to the whole group, even if we still have a few
holes.  I think we have captured the most essential requirements, and it
is important that we start the review process as soon as possible.



Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EDI Consulting

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