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Subject: RE: Conference Call -& 9th International WWW conference - FYI

I'll be there.
I cant go to Brussels...I forgot my son is getting married that week.

I've asked my Boeing XML  guru, Christina Portillo, to come over in my place
prior to attending the WWW9 Conference in Amsterdam the week following ebXML
(See below).  Folks might consider staying for it...Bob Sutor is a speaker.
Its just a 2 hour train ride North. 

Tom Warner
WWW9 Advert:
> Join five world leaders in the 21st Century Web community as they
> deliver keynote speeches at The Ninth International World Wide Web
> Conference (WWW9), the only Web conference where leaders from academia,
> research, government and industry meet on a global stage. The conference
> will be held May 15-19, 2000, at the Amsterdam RAI, in Amsterdam, The
> Netherlands, with Web-related hardware, software, and services
> expositions to open May 16-18. Registration for the conference is
> available online at http://www9.org.
> The keynote speakers include:
> - Egbert-Jan Sol, Vice President Technology at Ericsson: "Making the
> Internet Mobile for Everybody"
> - Paul de Bot, Vice President Business Development at Philips Digital
> Networks: "The Convergence of Internet and Television Technologies: How
> will it Change the Living Room Experience?"
> - Charles W. Davies, Group Development Director at Psion PLC: "Wireless
> Information Devices and the Mobile Internet"
> - M. Graeber Jordan, CEO of GJordan.com LLC: "The Spirit of the WWW in
> the Corporate Intranet"
> - Lawrence Lessig, Berkman Professor of Law at Harvard Law School:
> "Cyberspace's Constitution"

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