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Subject: Comment Deadline COB Today!


For those of you who did not participate in our call yesterday, and to
remind those who did, we are accepting comments and corrections *of an
editorial nature only* to Version 0.4 of the Requirements Specification
through close of business today.   Our team editor, Mark Crawford, will
then make another revision which we will review next week and discuss in
another team call next Thursday morning.   He will then take minor
revisions coming out of that call and prepare the final version to
submit to the full ebXML Work Group on March 6.

In our call yesterday we achieved consensus on the remaining portions of
the document.  According to our agreed upon procedure, this means that
if you have any substantial changes to suggest to a part of the document
we must have a majority vote in the call Thursday to re-consider our
consensus.   If you have such substantial changes, please submit them to
the listserv for discussion and be prepared to argue your case next
Thursday.  Please do *not* send them to Mark, as he will not be acting
on them.   If you have issues with any of the parts in Section 3 which
were submitted by the other project teams, please send them to me and I
will forward them to the appropriate teams.   We have already agreed
that some parts of Section 3 need to be briefer, some longer, and most
written in less technical and more layman terminology.  We will not
attempt to resolve these Section 3 issues before our March 6 submission,
but this will allow us to give the other teams some warning so that they
may deal with the issues during the full work group comment periods.
You may still make comments of a substantial nature about any part of
the document after we submit it for full work group approval on March
6.  My point here is that we will not deal with such substantial
comments within our project team before then unless we vote to
reconsider an established consensus.

Please *do* send directly to Mark any minor changes of an editorial
nature before close of business today.  His e-mail address is


Mike Rawlins
ebXML Work Group, Requirements Project Team Leader
Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EDI Consulting

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